Laura J

Laura J Porn Video Art

Laura J is a young woman in her mid-twenties with long bleached hair and blue eyes. Her curvy body is lightly tanned and she has nice big tits and a piercing in her belly button. The best thing about Laura J is that she seems to get extremely horny from masturbating. When she starts masturbating she looks concentrated, but soon concentration is replaced by a expression of pleasure and she looks completely taken aback of how good it feels on her pussy. She takes a while to get wet but when she does her pink pussy shines nicely as she shows it off in the end of everyone of her orgasms. Her inner lips are not very big which means her pussy looks really tight. When she gets aroused it is the outer lips that gets swollen and big which can make it hard for the viewer to actually see what?s going on. But she does what she can to spread her legs and lips widely, so that we have a chance to see her contractions when she cums.

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