The Rebelle Rousers

The Rebelle Rousers Porn Video Art

Pinup girls out for trouble! Lipstick-wearing, knife-wielding street broads in tight skirts have the run of the exotic lingerie racket run by top bitch Switchblade Molly (Kimberly Kane). Business is good for the Belles, and as they get a new shipment ready to hit the streets, this gang of delinquent devil-dolls realize they need some extra help to keep up with the demand from the lingerie addicted Pinups in squaresville. So they get help from Evil Mastermind Damon, who's breaking in a new hellcat on Tiki island. These pretty-but-deadly pinups are vicious, reckless, sex hungry! Drive-in sexploitation thrills with some of the hardest, roughest and naughtiest sex scenes to have ever been released by this motion picture company. The classic story of good-girls-gone-bad with a dirty twist.

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