Orgasms 5

Orgasms 5 Porn Video Art

The 5th in our unique Orgasms collection series features 5 hot women masturbating to genuine orgasms in the way that pleasures them the most - Personal Pleasures. Watch the incredible Angel Piaff hang on to her Hitachi as her pussy pulsates and her entire body jerks and squirms, Valentina Ross cap her big clit with the Womanizer, Honour May's quivering pussy lips and much more! Elena Vega walks onto the screen and stands in front of the white leather arm chair. She is wearing a sexy translucent pink form fitting top which shows her black bra beneath and a pair of tight shorts. She caresses her body, takes off her top and puts it on the arm of the chair. Her shorts go next as she shows off her nice black panty clad derriere. Elena continues to playfully strip before sitting spread eagled in the arm chair - she has nice natural breasts and a clean-shaven pussy. Her finger finds her clitoris which she briefly attacks, before deciding that the Hitachi would do a better job! With the big buzzer still switched off, Elena teases her clit ... then she switches it on while it is still in place, and that elicits quite the response from her. She immediately gets serious about masturbating with the toy rubbing it in circles over her clit ... her pussy gets pouty as she kicks her head back and cums! Elena keeps touching herself with the vibe for a few moments and is rather sensitive every time it goes near her clit! Angel Piaff is standing there on her phone, almost oblivious to the camera. After a few seconds, she says "OK, I'm ready" ... she strolls around the couch and selects the magic wand before kneeling on the bed, closing her eyes and undressing as she gets into her space. She is a pretty blonde with natural nice breasts and a shaved pussy. Angel lays on the bed and plays with herself as she gets into her "space" ... she rubs her pussy and breasts as she slowly writhes on the bed. After a few moments, she reaches for the magic wand (giving us a nice rear view as she does), switches it on, and plants it on her clit. She applies a little bit of saliva to help get things going, inserts a finger deep into her vagina, then proceeds to masturbate with the big vibe. Very soon, her breath comes in short pants :-) as she buzzes away at her clit, occasionally taking the toy away as if to hold off ... Angel cranks the buzzer to full power and jiggles it on her clit, and shortly thereafter, she lets out an "Ahhhh" and series of pants as her pussy starts pulsating and contracting from her orgasm. She hangs onto the toy as she rides out her orgasm fully - very, very nice!! Angel puts away the toy and fingers herself gently as she recovers. Valentina Ross is standing in front of the couch playing with her long brown hair - she is wearing a long sleeved top and an extremely short white skirt. She bends over briefly to show off her black panties and her hairiness! She really takes her time playfully stripping for the camera, removing one item of clothing at a time. She has natural breasts with large nipples, and is sporting quite the hairy bush down there, and once completely naked she puts the Womanizer directly over her clit and cranks the toy to full power. The sensations have her panting and moaning almost instantly. Since the toy virtually just cups her clitoris, it does not obscure her pink hairy pussy at all as she masturbates. Valentina keeps the toy firmly in place and her aroused clitoris gets bigger and bigger. She keeps it properly covered by the pulsating toy until she can take it no more ... Valentina cums hard with lots of pussy contractions! But she keeps on playing with the toy, capping her clit with it, then pulling it off ... and suddenly she cums again! And that is still not enough ... she goes for yet another, and then she is finally sated. Her sensitive clit looks HUGE after all those orgasms! Katy Rose is sitting on the couch in a white cap-sleeved top, small blue denim shorts, and bright pink shoes as seen from our stationary camera. She plays for the camera as she strips, at one point even losing her balance and falling onto the couch! But after a brief chat with the cameraman, she recovers and continues to remove her clothing, dropping her shorts to the floor and sitting back on the couch in her panties with her legs wide apart. She has a nice pair of breasts and a trim body ... Katy plays with her pussy and panties, giving herself a panty wedgie before running her moistened finger up and down her slit. She chooses her purple smoothie vibrator, loses her panties, and starts masturbating ... first doggy style, then sitting upright on the couch, and eventually half lying on the couch with her thighs behind her elbows! She is a bit of a noisy one as she rubs the vibe over her clit and vulva and gets closer to cumming. Shifting back into her upright position, Katy finally cums and despite her thrusting hips, her contractions are quite prominent! She retracts her vibrator and caresses her pussy as she recovers. Honour May is sitting on the couch wearing a pink top and denim shorts as she surfs on her phone. She's ready to get off, so she puts her phone down and leans over the back of the couch to retrieve the Hitachi, giving us a nice view of her ass as she does! :-) Honour is quick to remove her top, revealing a very pretty white and black bra. She stands up and slips her shorts off - she is wearing matching panties. Removing her bra reveals her small natural breasts and responsive nipples and slipping off her panties shows her perfectly shaved pussy. Honour gets comfortable on the couch, turns on the wand and starts rubbing it over her clit. She seems very sensitive! As soon as the big buzzer touches her sweet spot, her pussy and anus respond but twitching and contracting! Honour lightly touches the wand to her clit and jiggles it ever so softly ... her pussy continuously responds with its twitches and spasms. It doesn't take long before she says, "I'm so close ..." and seconds later "Oh fuck... I'm going to cum ..." as her pussy and anus get rocked by huge orgasm contractions! Wow! Honour briefly play with her post orgasm pussy, before lying back on the couch for a nap.

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