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This Gallic lover hails originally from France, where he's one of the most popular male stars. Christoph Clark an older-looking blonde stud with a lithe and tightly packed frame. He sports a largish, Gerard Depardieu-style nose and a pair of beady eyes that light up whenever he's paired up with a sexy siren. Christoph Clark is a rarity in the world of hardcore men -- he actually seems to be enjoying himself for every moment he's on screen. He even smiles most of the time! Christoph Clark first got into hardcore in the mid-80's, working his way into European porn with his insatiable appetites and undeniable charms. He first got exposed to American audiences through European porn imports like the Italian Lili Carati vehicle 'A Very Debauched Girl.' Christoph Clark big break in the States was his performance in 1991's 'Buttman's European Vacation 1,' where he took on Noelle Budvar in a torrid and on-the-edge romp. He very rarely appears in porn that's produced in the States, but his porno profile continues to rise with each new imported feature. Christoph Clark finest moments in hardcore so far can be found in the lavish 1997 European porn version of 'Hamlet.' It's a dazzling big-budget affair starring Christoph Clark as the troubled Dane, but this time out he's got more than soliloquies on his mind. Christoph Clark turns in a top-notch performance, balancing the faux-Shakespearean dialogue and the lusty action perfectly. He continues to be one of Europe's favorite hardcore studs.


Born: 1958-02-09

Height: 0

Measurements: 0

Weight: 0







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