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This amazingly gorgeous young starlet ranks as one of the most beautiful women to ever strut her stuff for the carnal cameras. Porn Star Leanna Heart is a doe-eyed auburn-haired stunner whose soft features and incredibly toned and tight figure have been getting her lots of work lately. Her incendiary approach to on-screen sex has resulted in some of the most eye-popping workouts of the past few years, and her undeniable beauty can get a rise out of the most jaded porno fan. Leanna Heart was born and raised in a small town in rural Pennsylvania, and she got into exotic dancing not long after her 18th birthday. Leanna Heart got into hardcore in 1996 at the age of 22. Her first appearances were in pro-am vids like 'I Wanna Be A Porn Star 2' and 'Video Virgins 35.' In her early appearances, Leanna Heart sported an all-natural figure with a pair of nicely ripe little breasts, but after her romping in 'Up And Cummers 35' she decided to go the way of most porn starlets and get them inflated to immense proportions. Leanna Heart now sports a rock-solid set of huge hooters that make her waif-thin body seem on the verge of toppling over. She hasn't fallen yet, though -- her surgery seems instead to have renewed her carnal energy and re-energized her lust for carnal stardom. Leanna Heart's cover-girl good looks and curvaceous made-for-porno figure promise to keep her very busy in the industry for the foreseeable future. She hopes to earn enough money in hardcore to return to Pennsylvania and open her own strip club. If her over-the-top work in flicks like 'The Psycho Sexuals' and 'Sodomania 20' is any indication, Leanna Heart should have no trouble raising the funds .


Born: 1973-10-01

Height: 160

Measurements: 50

Weight: 50







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