Ladies Man

Ladies Man Porn Video Art

This flick represents the rarest of hardcore rarities -- a porn take-off that's actually better than the mainstream feature it's based on. The filmmakers take the concept of Tim Meadows' 'Ladies Man' and give it a run through the hardcore wringer, with Devlin Weed donning a gigantic afro wig and answering sex-related phone calls on his public-access TV show. He's got plenty of video at his disposal, in order to help illustrate the sex advice that he hands out. For instance, when a caller asks how to get his girlfriend to give him oral sex, Devlin pops in a tape of Mocha showing off her mouth-loving skills for David Hardman's benefit. The scene soon escalates into a full-throttle anal excursion that sends the flick into orbit right off the bat. Another heated highlight finds Devlin himself taking on a pair of busty bad girls (Sierra and Kitten). He favors them with some oral action, and they get down and dirty in a frenetic threeway blast -- Devlin's working so hard that his wig comes off! This is a nice, light-hearted romp that delivers lots of action and a good amount of laughs. "Some nice silly business and surprisingly hot sex!" -- Adam Black Video Guide.

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