Babewatch 6

Babewatch 6 Porn Video Art

For a while now, lifeguards Buck Adams and Kelly Jaye have been an item. They've got a lot going for their relationship, including a lot of erotic chemistry, as we see in their opening pairing. But then things go sour, and Kelly dumps poor Buck. It's not like Buck to take no for an answer, however, and he's determined to get Kelly back. In the Meanwhile, there's plenty of sultry action going on amid the dunes. Stephanie Swift and John Decker collide on the shore for one of the tape's hottest pairings, and Latina lesbian sensation Felecia takes April out on the water for the kind of girl/girl pairing that rewind buttons were invented for. In the end, Buck and Kelly reunite for an explosive closing segment, and things are back to normal at the beach.

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