Best Of Facesitting POV 2

Best Of Facesitting POV 2 Porn Video Art

The video you have all been waiting for - Hot Asses and pussies coming directly at you and in your face! One full hour of looking up at gorgeous women's asses as they descend onto your face. You will be watching every scene in slow motion over and over again in this new great series. No other video series gets you this close to so many gorgeous, exotic and ferocious females. One after another, THE WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL, MOST DOMINANT WOMEN SHOVE YOUR FACE INTO THEIR HOT ASSES and pussies, all while dishing out THE MOST INTENSE VERBAL INSULTS directly at you! Each one-hour video brings you so close to the real thing that you can actually feel like you really are there with the Mistress. You can practically FEEL THE HEAT RADIATING FROM THESE PUSSIES AND ASSHOLES AND FEEL THEIR FULL BODY WEIGHT TRAPPING YOUR BREATH as these stunning goddesses loom over you. You won't find this much ultra intense Point Of View Facesitting and ass worship action anywhere else! Brought to you only by Roman Video, where you can count on HIGHQUALITY FETISH PORN WITH CREATIVE, ORIGINAL IDEAS!

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